The Kaiser-Franz-Josefs-Höhe is named after the visit Kaiser Franz-Josef made here in 1856. Upon arrival you stand directly before Austria´s highest mountain, the Grossglockner (3,798m), with a view of the longest glacier in the eastern Alps, the Pasterze. Marmots romp in the immediate vicinity and with a little luck you will also see the mighty ibex. The National Park Vantage Point Area with the artwork “Wellenberg with a Bronze Boat” invites one to rest in what is certainly one of the loveliest places in the Alps.


At the Visitors´Centre one is offered interesting information to all aspects of the highest mountain in Austria on four levels.

Among other things:
  • The “Fascination of Ice and Glacier” exhibition
  • The Glockner Cinema and the interactive Glockner Panorama
  • Power Room: the Grossglockner as a mountain of power
  • and special exhibitions
The Information Point and National Park Information Centre are on the ground floor. A wide-screen multivision show and facts about the National Park regions of Carinthia, Salzburg and Tyrol are mediated.


On  the Kaiser-Franz-Josfs-Höhe you find as well the Gamsgrubenweg, a unique panorama trail high above the impressive glacier tongue of the Pasterze. In several tunnels at the beginning of the trail visitors are invited to experience the mystical world of the mountain. One hikes for up one hour to the “Wasserfallwinkel”. National Park Tour (free of charge): Treasure Tunnels and the Gamsgrube Panorama Trail at 11 am daily from the Visitors´Centre on the Kaiser-Franz-Josefs-Höhe (beginning of July to the middle of September,  Information/Booking: Heiligenblut National Park Information: Tel. 0043/(0)4824/2700)

Kaiserstein Panorama Trail to the Swarovski Oberservatory

This path leads above the multi-storey car park in about 10 minutes´walk to the Wilhelm Swarovski Observatory. From here one is offered spectacular views with the most modern optical devices into the high mountains and glacier world. Marmots, ibex and Grossglockner alpinists can be closely observed. Wild Animal Observation National Park Tour: every Wednesday at 5.30 pm from the Swarovski Observatory (beginning of July to the middle of September, payment extra, Information/Booking: Heiligenblut National Park Information: Tel. 0043/(0)4824/2700)

Pasterze Glacier Trail and Glacier Railway

A secured alpine ascent (walking time about 30 minutes decent, about 1 hour ascent) leads directly to the Pasterze Glacier. There is also the opportunity to use the Glacier Railway, at cost, with which about half of the Glacier Trail is surmounted. On arrival at the glacier tongue, the Pasterze Trail with its “Stoamandl´n” (stone figures) leads further over the Margaritzen Reservoir to the Glockner House (walking time about 1.5 hours). Pasterze Glacier Trail National Park Tour: every Tuesday from 10 am from the Glockner House Alpine Centre (beginning of July to the middle of September, payment extra, Information/Booking: Heiligenblut National Park Information: Tel. 0043/(0)4824/2700)