General Terms and Conditions for the use of parking facilities Valid from 01.07.2024

By parking a vehicle in one of the parking spaces within the chargeable zone (marked in blue), the user of the parking facility – hereinafter referred to as the customer – recognises that they have concluded a rental agreement for a vehicle parking space under the following conditions: 

1) Area of application
These General Terms and Conditions (GTC for short) apply to the parking of vehicles in the chargeable parking spaces around the Ferleiten ticket office, and are also available on the website.
Chargeable parking spaces are marked in blue, and by corresponding signs in the parking area. The personal designations (e.g. customer) used in these GTC include both men and women.
In cases where parking spaces are provided free of charge, the above-mentioned contractual provisions shall apply accordingly, with the exception of the provision concerning rent.

2) Use of the parking spaces
Purchase of a parking ticket at the ticket machine entitles the holder to park the vehicle for a maximum period of 48 hours.
The customer may choose a vacant parking space from those not reserved. Traffic and information signs must be observed.
The parking ticket must be clearly visible under the windscreen, inside the vehicle. If the parking ticket is not visible to the inspector, it is deemed that no ticket is present. The Grossglockner High Alpine Roads PLC (= Großglockner Hochalpenstraßen AG) is entitled to payment of a fee. The current prices include taxes and are displayed on the parking ticket machines. By purchasing a parking ticket, the customer agrees to the current prices.

3) Customer’s duty of care
It is not permitted to park vehicles with a leaking fuel system or other defects that jeopardise the operation of the parking facility.
Driving on the parking facility and parking in the designated parking spaces is permitted only in the customary manner. The provisions of the Austrian road traffic regulations (StVO) apply. Any other use is expressly prohibited, particularly any use or activity resulting in damage, soiling and/or visible defacement of the site/asphalt layer.
Contraventions will without exception be reported to the authorities. In addition, compensation in the fixed amount of € 800,- per offence, payable to us, is deemed agreed to cover repairs, removal and cleaning costs. We expressly reserve the right to assert further claims for damages. The parked vehicle must be carefully locked and secured in the customary manner. When entering and leaving the parking facility, the customer is responsible for exercising due care and attention. The use of fire or naked flames is not permitted anywhere within the parking facility.

4) Company rights
The company may have the vehicle towed out of the car park at the customer's risk and expense, if: a) the parked vehicle jeopardises the operation of the parking facility due to loss of fuel or to other defects;
b) the vehicle does not have a valid motor vehicle licence or its further use is prohibited by the police during the parking period;
c) the vehicle is parked in contravention of traffic regulations, obstructively or in reserved places. The parking facility is intended for short-term parking. The company may therefore have the vehicle towed at the customer's risk and expense if the vehicle is left in the car park for more than two days (48 hours) continuously without a long-term rental agreement having been concluded. If no parking ticket has been purchased, or the ticket is not placed visibly behind the windscreen, or if the duration of the ticket has expired, an action of trespass will be brought.

5) Liability and compensation
Once the vehicle has been parked, the parking agreement is deemed to be in effect. The customer uses the car park at their own risk. The company is not liable for any damage caused by other customers or third parties. Supervision or safekeeping of the parked vehicle, its accessories, any objects left in the vehicle and/or objects brought into the parking facility with the vehicle, or any activity going beyond the mere provision of space, is not a subject of the agreement. The company assumes no duty of care or safekeeping. To the extent permitted by law, the liability of the Grossglockner High Alpine Roads PLC and any agents under its employ is limited to intent and gross negligence. Liability for financial loss, loss of profit, consequential damage and all indirect damage is excluded, in so far as legally permissible. Any obvious damage to the vehicle must be reported immediately by the customer to the Grossglockner High Alpine Road ticket office. If this is not possible obvious damage must be reported in writing to the company within 3 days. If obvious damage is not reported within this time limit, all claims by the user are excluded.
The company is not liable for damage (including theft, burglary, vandalism, etc.) caused by third parties (e.g. other users), regardless of whether the presence of these third parties in the car park is authorised or not. Furthermore, the company is not liable for damage caused by force majeure, or natural disasters such as fire, water or similar.

6) Date protection
No data are collected in the course of car park management. If deemed necessary, the parking facility can be video-monitored.
Further details are available on the website of the Grossglockner High Alpine Road PLC.

7) Jurisdiction and applicable law
For all disputes under civil law in connection with payment-based use of the chargeable parking spaces, the respective court with subject-matter jurisdiction at the place of the registered company GROHAG in the Town of Salzburg shall have jurisdiction in each case.
Austrian law shall apply exclusively; the "conflict of laws" rules of private international law shall be excluded.