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The Krimml Waterfalls

Krimml Waterfalls and WasserWelten Krimml

Europe’s highest waterfalls and modern experience centre near the Glockner

The WasserWelten Krimml, one of the main attractions of the High Tauern National Park, are located only about 25 km west of Mittersill and around a one-hour drive from the road charge point of the Grossglockner High Alpine Road in Fusch-Ferleiten. Europe’s highest waterfalls crash down 385 m in cascades. Their whooshing noise can already be heard from afar and once being in view of the deluge of water, visitors are completely surrounded by a very fine fog. You can visit the WasserWelten Krimml with their panoramic terrace, WasserWunderBar, an outdoor play area and a one-of-a-kind projection show, the Aquaszenarium, on the foot of the gigantic natural spectacle: embark on a multimedia journey under water.

The WasserWelten Krimml – encountering the elixir

We humans are 75 to 80% water, even though it circulates in the body, sometimes only moves slowly or even stands still. 71% of the earth’s surface is covered in water with the lion’s share taken up by salt water. Only 0.3% of this water is available as freshwater and another 2.6% is frozen in glacial ice, icebergs and snow on high mountain peaks. There would be no life on earth without water. Take some time to study the essential necessity that is water during a visit to the WasserWelten Krimml.


The Krimml waterfalls – fifth-highest falls in the world

A well-mounted walking path leads from the WasserWelten Krimml to one of the most sensational natural wonders of the Alps within ten minutes. A cool breeze emanates from the thunderous deluge of water falling across the rocks like a white haze. The waterfall path with bridges and viewing pulpits has been leading upwards along the three cataracts since 1879. The path to the valley of the Krimmler Ache emerges at the start of the Krimml Waterfalls – a worthwhile hike for the entire family! The Ache is fed from a catchment area of 110 km² with no less than 23 glaciers. The volume of waters changes with both season and time of day. Up to 83 m³ of water per second crash down into the valley!

Krimml Waterfalls at the High Tauern Waterfalls: beautiful and healthy

Ever since the foundation of the national park in 1984, the Krimml Waterfalls have also enjoyed absolute protection. Tip: enjoy the best view of the natural spectacle from the Wasserfallblick car park on the Gerlos Alpine Road or from the Wasserfallweg. Beyond being very pleasing to the eye, the deluge of water is also good for people suffering from asthma, allergies and stress. The Paracelsus Medical University Salzburg has proven that repeated stays at the waterfalls results in drastic improvement or even healing of these diseases. Here’s what happens:
•    Improved pulmonary function
•    Cleaning of the lungs
•    Induction of cortisol, the body’s” super fuel”
•    Strengthening of the immune system
•    Sustainable reduction of stress and burn-out symptoms
•    Boosted relaxation, positive impact on the autonomic nervous system

Tip: visiting the Krimml Waterfalls and the WasserWelten Krimml is perfectly suited to a daytrip in the province of Salzburg! Best buy a combined ticket (available at the waterfall centre) and enjoy all attractions and parking included.

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