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Krimml Worlds of Water are open again on 1st of May 2020.
We are looking forward to seeing you next year!
Children at waterfall

Waterfall and health

Krimml Waterfalls for asthma and allergies

Waterfall therapy and the Hohe Tauern Health initiative

Doctors from Salzburg discovered the healing powers of the Krimml Waterfalls as long as 200 years ago. According to their description, the fine spray helps to heal exterior inflammations and pains caused by debility and weakness. Even nervous ailments can be alleviated or even healed when visiting the waterfalls. However, the findings surrounding the healing powers of the Krimml Waterfalls were largely ignored by the medical professionals of the time and were forgotten. Extensive research into the effectiveness of Europe’s highest waterfalls started at the beginning of the 21st century – with astonishing and very satisfying results.
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Children at waterfall

Modern medical research at the Krimml Waterfalls

It all started with several studies of the Joanneum Research Institute for non-invasive diagnostics in Graz. The promising findings were more than confirmed by studies of the Paracelsus Medical University Salzburg (PMU) from 2006 to 2008. Thanks to financial support from Grossglockner Hochalpenstrassen AG and public subsidies, it was possible to establish the “Splash Camp Krimml”, in which a clinical study with 54 children suffering from asthma was conducted, among other things. The pleasing result: visiting the Krimml Waterfalls for an hour each day resulted in long-term functional, symptomatic and immunological improvements in all subjects.


The healing powers of the waterfalls in Krimml: effectiveness and therapy fields

Why is breathing the spray of the Krimml Waterfalls so healthy? It’s easy to explain: the fine water fog originating from water thudding from great heights contains a high number of negatively charged ions that move from the respiratory tract to the lungs where they have a cleansing and anti-inflammatory effect. The ions stick to minutely small water drops that are respirable, meaning that they can be inhaled deeply. Regular respiratory air contains 300 to 3,000 ion pairs per cubic centimetre – up to 70,000 were measured near the Krimml Waterfalls! Asthma and allergies not only improved, but there was also a positive impact on stress and vegetative states of exhaustion. Furthermore, the immune system is strengthened for the long term.


Hohe Tauern Health initiative – healthy with the power of water

Once the healing power of the Krimml Waterfalls was confirmed clinically, providing options for natural waterfall therapy were the next logical step. Today, patients can choose from a total of eight hotels for allergy sufferers, the Asthma Camp for children and the bath cure in nearby Stuhlfelden. Doctors and specialised medical therapists supervise you during a waterfall cure. The combination of inhalation cure at the waterfall, talks, seminars and kinesiatrics shows positive results within a short period of time.

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Download the results of the study by the PMU Salzburg now (in German)! 
You’d like to experience the power of the Krimml Waterfalls yourself on a daytrip? Then visit the WasserWelten Krimml: opening hours and prices online !