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Krimml Worlds of Water are open again on 1st of May 2020.
We are looking forward to seeing you next year!
kids at the waterfalls

Family and children

Family WasserWelten Krimml daytrip

Pram path to the waterfall, Aquapark water playground and Aquaszenarium

The WasserWelten Krimml and the 380 m high waterfalls are a particularly worthwhile destination for families with children in the province of Salzburg. It doesn’t matter whether the kids come here with mum and dad or gran and gramps – all generations will get their money’s worth. Let us introduce you to the most popular attractions for children and give you suitable suggestions for various age groups.
Children on climbing frame

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Wave Trophy 2018 Grossglockner High Alpine Road
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Harley Davidson on the High Alpine Road
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A special vintage car at Großglockner Hochalpenstraße
 Family at the water worlds

For the littlest water fleas: waterfalls and games at the Aquapark  

Taking the pram from the WasserWelten Krimml towards the Kürsinger Platz health arena. The lookout point with views of the Krimml Waterfalls has barrier-free access. Even the littlest will be fascinated by the roaring masses of water and the fine spray of the waterfall. Many a little water baby has managed to sleep through the buggy ride! There’s lots of opportunity to get active afterwards at the Aquapark. Water is unbelievably fascinating to babies and toddlers. The little ones can splash about in the water and frolic on the meadow under parental supervision.

For brave explorers: Aquapark experiments, climbing fun and the Aquaszenarium

School children want clear and precise answers? How does the “hydraulic ram” powering the fountain in the Aquapark work? Who can solve all the riddles at the Haus des Wassers (Eng. “House of Water”)? Who knows who discovered the propulsion of water, and who can climb the highest on the open-air monkey bars? After all of these challenges, curious investigators can go on an underwater journey at the Aquaszenarium in the waterfall centre floating through the water of the Krimmler Ache as a microbe. If the parents can’t keep up, no problem. They will certainly be picked up by their children at the WasserWunderBar!

For mountain goats of all ages: the waterfall path with grand views

Those wanting to combine a visit to the WasserWelten Krimml with a small mountain adventure should embark on the 4 km path from the lowest to the highest waterfall. Walking time is approx. an hour. The well-secured path is perfectly suited for families with older children. Lookout cockpits along the trail afford perfect views of Europe’s highest waterfalls. Parents with children who like to walk a lot can go on a hike to the Krimmler Achental afterwards, one of the most beautiful high valleys of High Tauern National Park.

WasserWelten for teenagers: because cool kids simply want to know more 

Teenager aren’t too keen on trips with their parents, no doubt about it. However, the gigantic waterfalls and numerous interesting pieces of information at the Haus des Wassers quickly turn bored teens into highly motivated adolescents who can give into their thirst for knowledge without inhibition. After all, you don’t get to look through a telescope with 3D projections or make your own movements visible on a projected water surface in a room every day.

Affordable family tickets for your admission to the WasserWelten Krimml

Visit the WasserWelten in the Pinzgau at the best price with a family ticket. You can choose between a ticket with or without visiting the waterfall path. Parking is always included. The family admission ticket is valid for two adults and one to two children or one adult and three children.

To the current price list for visiting the WasserWelten Krimml! 

Dang, there’s a whole lot to experience at the WasserWelten Krimml! Our tip: the entire family gets to enjoy some refreshment on the canopied panoramic terrace of the WasserWunderBar after fun and games!