Clean, safe & speedy charging on the Grossglockner High Alpine Road A sensitive approach to nature and driving forward the message of electric mobility are core issues at Grossglockner Hochalpenstrassen AG (GROHAG), the operating company for the Grossglockner High Alpine Road.

Our society is in the midst of a mobility and energy turning point. In the past few years electric mobility has increasingly gathered momentum. A while ago now the world’s biggest car manufacturers came to the decision to sell more emissions-free E-cars than petrol engine cars by 2030. In 2022 the EU also agreed to put a ban on petrol engine cars and light commercial vehicles by 2035. The focus on E-mobility must go hand in hand with the expansion of a charging infrastructure. And it is with this reason in mind that GROHAG, together with partners from the region, is making great investments in the expansion of the charging infrastructure and its own clean, regional Glockner ePower. 

Glockner ePower charging prices

Glocknerroad, Glacier road ascent to Kaiser-Franz-Josefs-Hoehe

Our fees for the charging station which are not in the Grossglockner High Alpine Road area (toll gate Ferleiten und Heiligenblut, hotel Römerhof, tennis court Rauris, in town Heiligenblut, Krimml Worlds of Water):

  • normal charging station: 0.49 €/kWh
  • fast charging station: 0.59 €/kWh
    (credit or debit card, or several charging cards)
  • The maximum free parking time is 90 minutes for the fast charging station (120 kW) and 180 minutes for the normal charging station (22 kW). After that, € 0.10/min. charged as a standing fee. 

You can find our terms and conditions for the e-charging stations here!

Consistent charging assurance on Austria’s loveliest panoramic road The Glockner ePower charging points along the Grossglockner High Alpine Road – as well as all the AC- and DC charging stations (fast chargers) – guarantee consistent charging assurance. All the charging points can be found on our interactive map: 

Glockner epower Charging station
Glocknerroad, Glacier road ascent | © Stabentheiner
Glockner ePower  

100 % sustainably produced electricity 
100 % from the region  
100 % great pricing 
0 % emissions 
Logo Glockner ePower | ©

Easy charging & simply payment: Made in Austria  

It isn’t just the electricity itself that is regional at Glockner ePower, the charging columns are too. The new, dynamic charging stations are made by EnerCharge, a provider of charging infrastructure from the nearby Carinthian town of Kötschach-Mauthen. EnerCharge charging columns provide total charging convenience with smart use and a straight-forward operating concept. The charging process is easy and available at all new Glockner ePower charging stations with easy and direct payment via debit- or credit card available, as well as 250 contract partners. 

E-charging station with Tesla in front of the Ferleiten ticket office | ©

Glockner ePower charging columns guarantee ...  

  • Consistent charging security  
  • Speedy charging  
  • Smart charging processes 
  • Simple payment 

For a strong, sustainable network

Combined energy

The aim of GROHAG is to make available a network of around 200 Glockner ePower charging points with the support of neighbouring communities, hotels and other partners from tourist regions in the Hohe Tauern in Carinthia, Salzburg and Tyrol, so you can refuel your E-car or E-motorbike easily, hassle-free and above all with consistently great value electricity which is 100 % sustainably produced.

Glocknerroad, Fuscher Toerl | © Koenigshofer

Glockner-e-Power charging station

Technical specifications of

Connector types: Type 2 and CCS 
Charge types: accelerated 11-22 kW charger and 120 kW quick charger 

Glocknerroad, cloudy mood | © Steiner

Pioneering role in E-mobility


The Grossglockner High Alpine Road is taking a totally pioneering role in terms of e-mobility through its intensive expansion of the charging infrastructure, with green energy coming from up to 100 % renewable energy sources, with the tourist offer provided by the Grossglockner pleasure e-tour, and also by establishing its own E-fleet and of course discounted tariffs for E-cars and E-motorbikes. Where else and when would these measures be any more suitable than on Austria’s loveliest panorama road which leads through the heart of the Hohe Tauern National Park? 

Glocknerstrasse, view of Fuscher Lacke to Mittertoerl  | © Steiner