Multi-faceted! Multiple views! Multifarious!

The Grossglockner High Alpine Road is a genuine masterpiece in high alpine road building! Every single metre has been planned with a great deal of attention. Every viewing point chosen with the utmost care. Along the road twelve experience worlds, await, providing variety for your excursion with indoor and outdoor adventures. Add to that the numerous exhibitions, in which you can find out more about the exciting history of the High Alpine Road and interesting information about the region’s animals, plants and geology. Add to that the wonderful, enticing natural spectacles and panoramic views along with cosy gastronomic businesses at numerous interim stop-off points – and of course alpine inns and the like where you can spend the night in the heart of the Hohe Tauern National Park. 

Austrias best


Out and about on Austria's lovelist panorama road

Lots of visitors from across the globe enjoy getting out and about on the Grossglockner High Alpine Road – whether it is in a car, by motorcycle, bike or by bus. There are so many ways to travel on the Grossglockner High Alpine road! With practical tips for safe driving and the latest information about driveability we help you plan your own personal road trip.  

Snow clearance on the Grossglockner High Alpine Road

Snow clearance on the Grossglockner High Alpine Road is a very special event. After all, in order for guests to experience unlimited fun on the ‘Experience High Alpine Road’ from the start of May, each and every year Wallack rotary snow ploughs clear snow masses from the road.