230 km pleasurable, sustainable E-driving

through the Hohe Tauern National Park

The Grossglockner Pleasure E-Tour – a 230 km circular route that promises long-lasting driving pleasure – and delivers exactly that! After all, the tour not only proceeds via the loveliest panoramic road in Europe – the Grossglockner High Alpine Road – but also through the unspoilt natural surroundings in the Hohe Tauern National Park in Salzburg, East Tyrol, and Carinthia. And quite apart from the fact that the route is a driving dream come true for all car drivers and motorbike riders, its expansive network of charging stations makes it perfect for an E-mobile road trip! But what makes a Pleasure E-tour stand out more than anything else are the many different pleasure-filled sections which await emission-free E-drivers along the route: from culinary regional and organic delights, to sustainable adventures. 

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A perfect match Cleaner e-mobility meets sustainable pleasure in dreamy natural surroundings

Pleasure tour Perfect Match numerous stopping places | © grossglockner.at
Numerous pleasure-filled points

along the route, where culinary-regional and organic delights, as well as sustainable experiences are to the fore. 

Pleasure tour Perfect Match free charging | © grossglockner.at
Free electricity top-up

along the Grossglockner High Alpine Road, incl. adapter for E-motorbikes.

Pleasure tour Match three states | © grossglockner.at
Experience the three federal states

Salzburg, East Tyrol, and Carinthia at their loveliest on the Grossglockner Pleasure E-Tour.

Pleasure tour Perfect Match fast charger | © grossglockner.at
State-of-the-art fast chargers

at Fusch/Ferleiten cash desk and Heiligenblut cash desk – straightforward and contactless payment with credit and debit card.

Genusstour Perfekt Match Ermäßigung | © grossglockner.at
Discounted round-trip ticket

for the Grossglockner High Alpine Road and Felbertauern Road. 

Pleasure tour Perfect Match charging safety | © grossglockner.at
Consistent charging security

Along the full Grossglockner Pleasure E-Tour. 

Regional charging & inspiringly sustainable

Leisurely cruising from pleasure point to pleasure point 

Our tips for planning your own personal Grossglockner Pleasure E-Tour provide a long-lasting spark & inspire! An overview of all the pleasure points on our interactive road map.

Pleasure Points

Culinary sampling & purchasing

At culinary pleasure points the spectrum ranges from an organic four-toque gourmet menu in an elegant restaurant, to traditional, regional pub meals made using ingredients from the establishment’s own garden, to a leisurely snack in a Slow Food ‘Buschenschank’. Sampling, tasting, and shopping in cheese dairies, breweries and grocery stores are on the pleasure programme too.

Grossglockner Cuisine Brettljause | © SalzburgerLand Tourismus Chris Perkles

Points of interest that make a lasting impression

At a few pleasure points there are special points of interest based on sustainability ideas to experience and discover – from dreamy, hidden flower-filled meadows to an exclusive guided tour with a National Park Ranger. 

Wilhelm Swarovski Observatory with the Grossglockner in the background | © grossglockner.at/Michael Koenigshofer

Sleeping and staying the night

For everyone who wants to complete the tour in two or more stages, we have a few tips for staying the night. There is something to suit everyone – would like to enjoy a slumber on an organic farm nestling between fragrant rosebuds? Or maybe you would prefer to spend a romantic night in an Alpine lodge?

Glocknerstrasse, view of Fuscher Lacke to Mittertoerl  | © grossglockner.at/Tobias Steiner

Reduced round trip ticket

The round trip ticket, which includes a day ticket for the Grossglockner High Alpine Road and Felbertauern Road, is available at a reduced rate for e-vehicles

Glocknerroad, sunrise, Edelweiss road | © grossglockner.at/Tobias Steiner

In three steps

to your Grossglockner Pleasure E-Tour
  1. Take a look at www.grossglockner-genusstour.at, download the pleasure map and discover the charging stations and all the treats awaiting you along the 320 km route.
  2. Plan your e-tour comfortably at home. You could spend a day cruising from one stopping-place to another, or perhaps do it over a leisurely weekend. The choice is yours. Also be inspired on hohetauern.info.
  3. Off you go! Make the most of your Pleasure E-Tour.


Glockner E-Mobility proved

E-mobility in the mountains: Tips & interesting facts from E-mobility experts at ÖAMTC

Breakdown? Call 120
Glocknerroad, ascent to the Hochtor | © grossglockner.at/Michael Stabentheiner

Driving up the mountain in an E-car is the purest of pleasures – step on the gas and enjoy full power, with no hesitation! This is relaxing uphill cruising! And listen to that silence! 

Breakdown? Call 120
Glocknerstrasse, ascent towards Fuscher Toerl | © grossglockner.at/Tobias Steiner

Plan your trip so you get to the top of the mountain with around 20-30 % charge, then let your E-car battery recharge on the downhill. Wholly in keeping with the maxim: producing energy, instead of using it. That’s sustainability! 

Breakdown? Call 120
Glocknerstrasse, view of Wiebachhorn | © grossglockner.at/Michael Königshofer

The battery in your E-car recharges on the downhill, this is known as recuperation – that is, the moving vehicle’s kinetic energy is recovered. Put another way, instead of braking process creating heat as it does in a combustion engion, an electric car effectively turns the braking energy into electricity, using this energy to recharge the battery. Thus the engine becomes an electricity generator.

Breakdown? Call 120
Glocknerroad, view from the Hochtor towards the Edelweiss peak | © grossglockner.at/Michael Koenigshofer

A nice ancillary effect as you head downhill, when the battery is somewhat empty after having driven uphill, is that you have to brake a little less too, since recuperation acts like an engine brake.

Breakdown? Call 120
Glocknerroad, driveway to Fuscher Toerl | © grossglockner.at/Michael Stabentheiner

Since air is not a factor in the drive system of an electric car, the increasingly thin altitude air has no impact on performance, which is the case with a combustion engine for instance.