Murmi sign in front of a playground

The mascot Murmi

MURMI, the Glockner marmot

The smart, furry mascot of the Grossglockner High Alpine Road  

MURMI is a genuine Glockner marmot. As such, he’s not afraid of people, but rather very curious. He knows the Grossglockner just like his underground living lair and invites parents and children along the Grossglockner High Alpine Road to play, learn and understand. Children will have guaranteed fun at the four lovingly and elaborately designed MURMI playgrounds on the Piffkar, the Hochtor and in Schöneck! After an exciting, thrilling day on the Grossglockner, the MURMI magic takes full effect: young mountaineers and old adventurers will certainly sleep just as fast and sound as the marmots in their lair!
Murmi sign

Marmot guarantee on Austria’s most popular alpine road

Families meet the smart MURMI wherever they go on the Glockner. Either at the Murmi-Show at the Haus Alpine nature exhibition or on the Kaiser-Franz-Josefs-Höhe. Many a fluffy marmot is waiting for a new home at the shops along the alpine road! Get to know MURMI’s home on walking, educational and round trails. The high mountains are a rough, fascinating landscape with rare flowers, aromatic herbs, waterfalls and glacial ice. The Mankei feels really comfortable here – it isn’t really one for beach holidays. The brisk rodent prefers high mountains to fully enjoy his six- to nine-month hibernation period.

MURMI and the birthday surprise: lots of joy for children

Our marmot is particularly happy when he’s visited by birthday children. Children up to age twelve get a pair of crisp sausages, a drink and a little surprise present up to ten days before and after their birthday upon presentation of ID (MURMI wants to know exactly) at one of the Glockner shops along the alpine road. Up high on the mountain, MURMI will certainly whistle a song for the birthday guests!

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