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Motorcyclists on the Grossglockner

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The Grossglockner High Alpine Road is a “deluxe tour” for motorcyclists: 48 km of pure bliss up to an altitude of over 2,500 m, 36 sleek turns and numerous extras for bikers make this motorbike route from Salzburg to Carinthia and vice versa a grand experience. The zero-point of the alpine pass road is located at the centre of Bruck. From there on, granite stones on the right edge of the road denote the current kilometre reading. The turns and special sights are additionally marked with blue information boards. Orientation on this unique high alpine road is easy as can be – you can download the free motorbike map  for your personal planning! We wish you a safe and impressive drive!

Motorbike tours for connoisseurs: suggested tours for alpine roads

Find numerous suggestions for motorbike tours in the brochure “Touren für Geniesser” (Eng. “Tours for Connoisseurs”). These tours include the Grossglockner High Alpine Road, Gerlos Alpine Road, Nockalm Road and Villacher Alpine Road. Obtain the brochures at all ADAC and ÖÄMTC branches, the pay desk of all of the alpine roads or, on request, via direct mail. Simply send an e-mail to! You can alternatively download the enjoyment biker brochure for free here. Relaxed driving and experiences in nature are at the centre of the motorbike tour in the Austrian Alps. Please be considerate to other motorists and avoid unnecessary noise. Thank you!
American motorcycles on the High Alpine Road

Extras for motorcyclists – service on the Grossglockner High Alpine Road

Enjoy numerous extras during your motorbike tour in Austria – from preferential dispatch at the pay desks to the well-equipped bikers’ points. Look forward to a great ride and unforgettable experiences!

•    Convenient ticket purchase at Ferleiten toll booth
The Info Point is to the right of the pay desk. Here you will receive detailed motorbike tours and tour tickets. A special pay desk for bikers is open during peak office hours.

•    Edelweissspitze and Kaiser-Franz-Josefs-Höhe bikers’ points
The junction from the main road to the 2,571 m car park on the Edelweissspitze is a pretty special experience as the cobbled pavement leads to the highest point of the Grossglockner High Alpine Road. The bikers’ point guaranteed a reserved parking area “in the first row” with a view of thirty 3,000 m peaks. The Edelweisshütte is biker-friendly, like so many other accommodations on the alpine road, offers garages and even repair assistance service. Another bikers’ point can be found on the Kaiser-Franz-Josefs-Höhe, from where you’ll enjoy the unrestricted view of the Grossglockner, Pasterze and Johannisberg.

Bikers’ safes: secure deposit options for motorcyclists

The aforementioned bikers’ points and the southern end of the Hochtortunnel feature reserved closets with lockers. Store helmets, jackets and other pieces of equipment securely in the bikers’ safes while going on a walk or visiting an exhibition.

•    Secure motorbike rides on the Grossglockner High Alpine Road 
When renewing the road surface, great attention is paid to using material with maximum grip. Guardrails are also changed gradually. Please note, however, that you will be riding through high alpine territory and that the weather conditions can have direct impact on the road’s grip. Attentiveness and caution help to prevent accidents.
Motorcyclists in front of the Edelweissspitze

Ticket prices for motorcyclists and motorbike tours

Motorcyclists can choose from various ticket models for riding the Grossglockner High Alpine Road and other alpine roads. Particularly popular: the tour ticket consisting of one day ticket for the Grossglockner High Alpine Road, Nockalmstrasse and Gerlosstrasse each while also entitling the bearer to buy a discounted ticket for the Villacher Alpenstrasse. The tour ticket can be obtained at the pay desks of the individual roads or in advance sale for a reduced rate at the ÖAMTC, ARBÖ and ADAC branches.

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