The edelweisshuette with its pub garden

The Edelweisshütte

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The Edelweisshütte on the Grossglockner

Rest and spend the night at the highest point of the Grossglockner High Alpine Road

Staying at the Edelweisshütte is always a very special experience. Enjoy the sensational view of more than thirty 3,000 m peaks, the Glocknermassiv and the delicacies of the Pinzgau cuisine on the sun terrace at an altitude of 2,571 m during the day. Once the crimson sun has set behind the alpine sea, an endless starry sky stretches across the mountains. As opposed to the cities, light pollutions doesn’t cloud the view of celestial bodies here: the Milky Way seems to be within grasp, while a silvery light shines down onto the mighty mountain summits on full-moon nights. Float between heaven and earth until the rays of the morning sun cast light and warmth across mountain tops, hills and meadows.
Edelweisshuette Grossglockner

Mountain inn in third generation: the Edelweisshütte

The once fairly small mountain inn was built soon after the completion and opening of the Grossglockner High Alpine Road in 1935. The increasing popularity of the rustic hut on the Grossglockner led to its extension and modernisation. Today, the Edelweisshütte features modern comfort rooms with private bath and WC. The long time that it took to install drinking water and sewage pipes and an electricity supply from the valley proves that this is anything but to be taken for granted on the mountain. The Lederer family now manages the popular daytrip and accommodation destination in third generation while taking care to preserve the characteristic charm of the Edelweisshütte.

Eat, drink and spend the night on the Edelweissspitze

Reach the Edelweissspitze, the highest point of the Grossglockner High Alpine Road, via an access road that branches off the main road (please note that this road is not suitable for buses!). You can now visit the restaurant of the Edelweisshütte or occupy your room or other accommodation options:

•    Single, double and three-bed room with cold/hot water, one shower and WC per floor on the corridor
•    Comfort rooms with private baths and WC
•    Log cabin for two persons
•    Chalet Edelweiss for two to three persons

Service point for bikers on the Edelweisshütte

A trip to the Edelweissspitze is a must for enthusiastic mountain bikers! Two-wheel aficionados will find lockable safes, garages and a drying room plus skilled help for minor repairs. Enjoy the hospitality of the innkeepers, the atmosphere of a rustic alpine inn and a quiet, restful night in fresh mountain air while your motorbike is stored safe, sound and dry! Tip: there’s a second bikers’ point on the Kaiser-Franz-Josefs-Höhe.

Edelweisshütte address and contact information

Berggasthof Edelweisshütte
Familie Lederer
5672 Fusch an der Glocknerstrasse
Phone: +43 6545 7425
tourists at the Edelweissspitze
Edelweissspitze at 2.571 m

Restaurants and accommodation options on the Grossglockner High Alpine Road  

While the altitude of the Edelweisshütte obviously can’t be topped, there are many other attractive huts, inns and hotels along the entire alpine road for stopping by and staying the night.
Gasthaus Lukashansl Ferleiten wildlife park
(directly at the Ferleiten pay desk)
Family Georg Mayr-Reisch
phnoe: +43 (6546) 220

Restaurant Fuschertörl (Dr.-Franz-Rehrl-Haus)
Familie Sallaberger
phone: +43 (6545) 7420 or +43 (676) 6100411

Simon Brandstätter
phone: +43 (4824) 2261 or +43 (664) 1832647

Gasthof Fuscherlacke „Mankeiwirt“
Herbert und Helene Haslinger
phone: +43 (6545) 6779-0 or +43 (664) 5250366

Alpenhotel Wallackhaus
Gerwald Wallner jun.
phone: +43 (4824) 2223 or +43 (676) 4116877

Rasthaus Schöneck
Erwin Suntinger
phone: +43 (676) 9502108
no rooms!

Theresia Ebner
phone: +43 (664) 2741173
no rooms!
Karl Volkert Haus       
Cäcilia Seibald
phone: +43 (4824) 2518

Das Glocknerhaus        
Roland Ertl
phone: +43 (676) 9448284 or +43 (4824) 24666

Franz Zlöbl
phone: +43 (4824) 24637 or +43 (676) 4627387

Restaurant Kaiser-Franz-Josef-Haus und panoramic restaurant 
Alpenhotels Grossglockner Balthasar Sauper GmbH
phone: +43 (4824) 2512 or +43 (664) 2868936
no rooms!

Grossglockner Gastbetriebe – Freiwandeck    
Maria Sauper
phone: +43 (4824) 2513
no rooms!

Alm-Restaurant Kasereck    
Roland Ertl
phone: +43 (676) 9448284
no rooms!

Gasthaus Tauernalm       
Gerwald Wallner sen.
phone: +43 (4824) 2059