Tesla on the Glockne Pleasure E-Tour

Grossglockner Pleasure E-Tour

Sensationally regional & inspiringly sustainable: The Grossglockner Pleasure E-Tour through the Hohe Tauern National Park

The wind rustling through the larch forests, a brook murmuring over rocks and pebbles, sheep bleating – you can hear all this as you drive in a quiet e-vehicle on the Grossglockner Pleasure E-Tour through the  Hohe Tauern National Park, cruising gently from one delightful stopping-place to the next. There's lots to discover at these places: from spectacular views, through regional culinary delights, to eco-experiences of the natural world.

You can download the brochure here.

230 km sustainable e-driving experience

The Grossglockner Pleasure E-Tour: This is a 230 km-long round trip that guarantees pure joy of driving. It takes you not only over Europe's most spectacular panoramic road – the Grossglockner High Alpine Road – but also through the unspoilt countryside of the Hohe Tauern National Park in Salzburg, Osttirol and Carinthia. And quite apart from the fact that the route is a driver's dream come true, with its dense network of charging stations it is ideally equipped for e-vehicles. In other words, the entire Grossglockner E-Tour can comfortably be driven with an e-vehicle – but of course also with a normal car, motorbike or even bicycle...

A leisurely trip from one treat to the next

  • Cuisine, taste & buy
The culinary delights range from a four-star organic gourmet menu in an elegant restaurant, through traditional home-made dishes with ingredients from the kitchen-garden, to a leisurely snack in a slow-food wine tavern. You can also taste, sample and buy local products in cheese-dairies, breweries and grocery stores.
  • Places of interest that make a lasting impression
 In addition, we found special treats for Grossglockner e-tourers, in keeping with the idea of sustainability – from the dreamy, half-hidden wildflower meadow to the exclusive guided tour with the National Park ranger.
  • Staying overnight
If you wish to do the tour in two or more stages, we can offer you tips for overnight stays along the route. There's something for everyone. Would you like to sleep amid the scent of roses on an organic farm? Spend the night in a former residence of Emperor Franz Joseph? Or would you rather spend a romantic night in a mountain hut?
  • Reduced Round Trip Ticket
This ticket includes a day ticket for the Grossglockner High Alpine Road and the Felbertauern Road, for e-vehicels and for e-motorcycles.
Tips to give you sustainable inspiration.

In three steps to your Grossglockner Pleasure E-Tour

1. Take a look at, download the pleasure map and discover the charging stations and all the treats awaiting you along the 320 km route.

2. Plan your e-tour comfortably at home. You could spend a day cruising from one stopping-place to another, or perhaps do it over a leisurely weekend. The choice is yours. Also be inspired on

3. Off you go! Make the most of your Pleasure E-Tour.

Road-Map of the Pleasure-Tour

Uphill and downhill with your e-car: Tips and useful information from e-mobility expert Michael Kocher of the Salzburg OEAMTC (automobile club)

  • Uphill pleasure
Driving uphill with an e-car is pure joy – step on the gas, and you have full power right away for relaxed uphill cruising. And another thing – can you hear the silence?
  • Energy recovery downhill
When you drive downhill, the e-car battery is recharged through recuperation of kinetic energy. In other words: when you brake, instead of generating heat (as in the internal combustion engine) the e-car transforms the braking energy into electrical energy, thus recharging the battery – making the engine its own power generator.
  • Good planning is half the battle
Plan your trip so that you arrive at the highest point with about 20-30 % battery charge, then your battery can recharge comfortably on the downhill stretch. Producing energy instead of consuming it – that's sustainability.
  • Less downhill braking through recuperation
A positive downhill side-effect: if the battery is fairly empty when you start downhill, you have to brake less, because recuperation acts like an engine brake.
  • Thin mountain air, no problem
Since the drive system of an e-car is not dependent on air, the increasingly thin mountain air has no impact on performance, as it does in the internal combustion engine.
If you've forgotten to recharge your battery in time, the OEAMTC (automobile club) is always there to help. Just call 120.

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