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Due to a security barrier,the last drive up to the Kaiser-Franz-Josefs-Höhe is permitted at 3.30pm. 
Road to Franz-Josefs-Höhe blocked at 4: pm !!

General Terms and Conditions for Grossglockner High Alpine Road

Effective as of 1.1.2016

1) Payment of the road toll
Vehicle operators who refuse to pay the calculated toll (or the price according to the current toll list) at the toll station will not be allowed past the toll station. The Grossglockner High Alpine Road AG (GROHAG) rejects any claims for damages from such refusal.

2) Obligations of the vehicle operator
The vehicle operator is obliged to stop at the barrier and pay the road toll. Even customers who already have a valid ticket must stop at the stop line and wait for the barrier to close after the vehicle in front moves onward and wait until the camera recognizes the licence number or the barrier is opened using the ticket. The barrier closes after each vehicle!

3) Tickets – licence number link
All tickets issued at the toll stations are linked to the motor vehicle license number, thus allowing ticket holders to pass the toll stations repeatedly within the period of validity.

4) Payment method
Payments in cash must be made in Euros. The toll can also be paid by means of the debit and credit cards listed below:
The payment methods listed below serve as information only. Despite its mention in the list, a payment method may be rejected due to a regulation of the card issuer (transaction limit, restricted lists, etc.).
  • MasterCard
  • Visa
  • Austrian debit cards with Maestro icon
5) Ticket misuse
The misuse of a ticket (day ticket, season ticket, etc.) will result in confiscation of the ticket or road use ban.

6) Season tickets
Season tickets can be purchased only for private vehicles, not for taxis, rental cars, company vehicles, other commercial uses, etc. (according to the vehicle’s registration certificate).
Season tickets can be transferred a maximum of one time within the validity period due to the purchase of a new vehicle or the issuing of a new vehicle licence number. For this, the submission of the registration documents is necessary and the registration of the new vehicle must not date back more than 3 months. In these cases, the transfer of the season ticket is free of charge.
For transfers that do not meet the above criteria, an administration fee of 8 Euros will be charged (incl. VAT.).

7) Surcharge-ticket for a second visit
This only applies to car and motorcycle day tickets (upon presentation of a ticket from the first visit) in the same calendar year and is linked to the licence number. A surcharge-ticket cannot be used for the categories of bus, truck, supplier nor issued for long term tickets, such as 8-day, 30-day or season tickets.

8) Ticket loss
In case of loss or damage to a ticket, a new ticket can be issued. An administration fee of 8 Euros will be charged (incl. VAT.).

9) Liability
Holders of a valid ticket expressly acknowledge that road support (road condition and safety check) is performed only during the hours in which the toll station is open and accepting payment. For damages outside this period (during the night after closing) the Grossglockner High Alpine Road AG accepts no liability.

10) Personal responsibility
A road in the high mountains that overcomes large differences in elevation can lead to extremely hazardous situations in certain weather conditions (fog, snow, storm, black ice, etc.). In the high mountains, weather and road conditions can also change very rapidly and therefore it is not always possible for the information provided by the toll station to be accurately predictive or fully comprehensive. Instead, it is up to the assessment of the vehicle operator himself to decide when and whether the conditions permit continued driving or if stopping or turning back is required.

11) Cyclists
For the safety of cyclists and other road users, a separate bike lane exists at the toll stations. The use of the road lanes is therefore reserved for motorized vehicle traffic and prohibited for cyclists.

12) Data storage
All tickets issued by Grossglockner High Alpine Road are linked to the respective licence numbers; therefore it is necessary to save the licence numbers for a specific period of time.

13) Jurisdiction and Applicable Law
For all civil disputes in connection with the paid use of the Grossglockner High Alpine Road, the court with jurisdiction over the subject matter at the place of the registered office of GROHAG in the city of Salzburg is responsible. Only Austrian law applies, excluding choice of laws rules of private international law.
Dr. Johannes Hörl
Grossglockner High Alpine Road AG, Rainer Straße 2, 5020 Salzburg
Tel. ++ 43 662 87 36 73-0, Fax ++ 43 662 87 36 73-13;