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Dear guests of the car meetings around our lakes!
In order to give everyone a wonderful time, we would like to point out the following:
Show respect!  Protect the environment!  Avoid noise! 
Pay attention to the rules!  Act exemplary!

We are looking forward to your coming!
Summit House front view

The modern summit house

The new Dobratsch summit house

Modern passive house refuge hut below the Dobratsch summit

The architecture of the summit house on the Dobratsch, which opened in 2010, lends itself to comparisons with the most modern houses in the valley. The refuge hut located only a few metres below the summit was constructed like a passive house. While the high insulation helps to prevent heat loss, the generously dimensioned southern facade ensures optimum use of solar energy. The organic clarification plant completes the Dobratsch summit house’s environment-friendly reputation. You can reach the highly modern refuge hut owned by the Austrian Alpine Association from the car park Rosstratte (p11) after around a one and half hour walk. Spoil yourself with homemade Carinthian delicacies on the sun terrace and enjoy the panoramic view!
Summit House side view
villacher alp

Eventful history: from the Mühlbacherhaus to the Dobratsch summit house

Long before the mountaineering boom in the late 19th century, the Dobratsch was the destination of numerous people as the two highest pilgrimage churches in the Eastern Alps are located on it. Back in 1810, the mine owner Mühlbacher from Bleiberg built a refuge hut named after him next to the German church. Due to the extreme weather conditions on the Dobratsch, the Mühlbacherhütte had to be reconstructed just 40 years later. The new owners of the Mühlbacherhaus, the Villach division of the Alpine Association, extended it in 1907 and named it after their chairman, Ludwig Walter. The time for a new building came in 2010. It was finished in the same year and renamed Dobratsch summit house.

Hospitality at an altitude of 2,143 m: welcome to the summit house on the Dobratsch

Aside from the Aichingerhütte and the Rosstrattenstüberl, the Dobratsch summit house is the third rest stop option – it can only be reached on foot, however. It’s worth the walk though as the view from the summit is beautiful beyond compare and the innkeepers spoil all guests with heartfelt Carinthian hospitality and numerous alpine delicacies. What about Carinthian Kasnudln (noodles with cheese), Buchteln (sweet dumplings) with vanilla sauce or a tasty goulash? If you don’t feel like going back to the valley, you can spend the night in a room or the mountaineer camp. Reservations are recommended!
Dobratsch summit house
Open 1 May to early April
Closed in April

9500 Villach
Phone: +43 720 350 340